Episode 15: FIDA, BIGIF and others Carried Out a Peaceful Election Rally

Podcast: FIDA, BIGIF and others carried out a peaceful election rally in Ekiti On Friday, 27th of April, 2018, Balm in Gilead Foundation for Sustainable Development (BIGIF) and Federation of International Women Lawyers (FIDA), carried out a peaceful election rally in Ekiti State. Charity Connect Podcast was there to support and gather useful information.

The peaceful election rally was carried out to sensitise the public to get their permanent voters’ card (PVC) and go out to cast their votes.

According to one of the respondents, Barrister Blessing Ajileye, women and children are usually at the receiving end of violence during and after election.

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Episode 14: How To Increase Your Productivity with DayoGreat

How To increase your productivity podcast In this episode of the Charity Connect Podcast, our Guest, DayoGreat, shares insights on how you can increase your productivity. Recall that DayoGreat talked on Youths and Plans for The Future on our previous episode. This is the second series.

I met Dayogreat Oyediwura during an event organized by Balm in Gilead Foundation For Sustainable Development (BIGIF) and after having a conversation with him, I feel it’s great if you too can gain from his wealth of Wisdom especially, on productivity.

You Would Learn:

  • How Dayogreat was sponsored to South Africa without spending a single penny
  • 3 Ways to Increase your productivity
  • Case Study on How To Increase Your Productivity Using a Pharmaceutical Company Method
  • How to accelerate your promotion in your organisation

You can reach DayoGreat on Facebook and through his number, 08033657839.

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Episode 13: Youths and Plans for the Future feat. Dayogreat

Personal development

Welcome to your own very podcast, Charity Connect Podcast. Thanks for listening to our previous episodes. In this episode, we have a guest, DayoGreat who shares 3 practical strategies for personal development with focus on youths.

This is the first part of this episode. DayoGreat also shares practical strategies on personal development and productivity which we would published on our next episode. 

DayoGreat is the Executive Director of Youth Programming with Family Health and Development Initiative.

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In episode, you will learn the following:

  • 3 Practical Strategies on How to plan for the future
  • Direction for the future
  • How to get multiple streams of income without affecting one another
  • How to save for the future
  • And more.

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Episode 12: We don’t live by excuse, a welcome back

Podcast, sola Mathew

This is episode 12 of the Charity Connect Podcast. We don’t live by excuse. For some time now, we couldn’t published our podcast due to one reason or the other. We are so sorry about that. 

Our podcast has helped some people and we believe it would still help many more people. 

In this episode, we reinstated our commitment to connecting donors and donees, NGOs and Volunteers and publicising charity works and events. 

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Episode 11: How to Make a Podcast in Nigeria and Make Money from it

Podcast in Nigeria Podcast is no doubt the new wave in Nigeria. In this podcast episode, you are going to learn how to make a podcast in Nigeria and make money from it. Either you want to make a podcast to promote your business or you just want to make a popular podcast to be popular, you can listen to this guide to learn from it. You can go ahead and click the play button or download to your mobile phone straight away. 

What is podcast? 

Podcast is any digital audio file which you can download from the internet. This could be in audio or video format. 

Last week, I wrote a Guest Post on How to Make a successful Podcast in Nigeria on Pulse.ng. You might want to check it here. 

Examples of Podcast in Nigeria 

Below are some of the podcasts in Nigeria that I have listened to. 

How to Make Money with Podcast in Nigeria 

Making money from Podcasting shouldn’t be your priority as a beginner but it’s great if you could make money podcasting. 

In this episode, I talk about how you can make money podcasting in Nigeria. 

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Episode 10: Podcast Interview With Taiwo Adesoba, the Founder of Global Youth Coalition Against Cancer – GYCC

Interview with Taiwo Adesoba

This is Episode 10 of the Charity Connect Podcast. Joining us today on this Podcast Interview is Taiwo Adesoba, the Founder of Global Youth Coalition Against Cancer – GYCC. On this episode, Taiwo talks on how he started his NGO, Challenges faced and how he overcame, what is cancer and ways to prevent cancer. He also talked about how he started his life journey knowing what he wanted to do from age 16. He further talked on channels to get funds for your NGO apart from getting them from family and friends. Click on the play button to listen straight away.

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Taiwo Adesoba Profile

Taiwo is a public health professional from Nigeria. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the University of Ado Ekiti (now Ekiti State University, Nigeria) and has attended advanced training on Development Evaluation in different countries. He is a member of African Evaluation Association (AfrEA), Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network (YP-CDN), International Society for Urban Health (ISUH), and the Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria (ISMN).

What to expect on today’s episode

  • What motivated Taiwo to starting Cancer Awareness Campaign
  • What Cancer is
  • What is Cervical Cancer and how it is contracted
  • Ways to Prevent Cancer
  • How he got to have the idea of what he is doing now even at age 16
  • How to register and present your papers in international conferences (His first conference was in Ghana)
  • Tawio’s most embarrassing moment in life
  • How his undergraduate seminar presentation on Ebola helped during the last ebola outbreak in Nigeria
  • What Global Youth Coalition Against Cancer is about
  • The past projects of Global Youth Coalition Against Cancer in Nigeria and other countries
  • The Use of Social Media in Cancer Awareness and how
  • Taiwo Adesoba also talks on GYCC’s quarterly tweet chat
  • You would learn about Taiwo’s Centre for Knowledge, Learning and Evaluation
  • How a busy Taiwo balances his activities, carrier, relationship, etc
  • The major challenge of Taiwo Adesoba when he started his NGO
  • How to source for fund apart from family and friends
  • His advice for the youths and listeners
  • How to connect with Taiwo Adesoba on facebook, twitter and blog
  • and finally, Taiwo’s take on Charity Connect Podcast


Tawio Adesoba Facebook

Taiwo Adesoba twitter

Taiwo Adesoba LinkedIn

Tawio Adesoba Blog

The Link to the post on his blog where he talks about Being a Man of Conviction

Global Youth Coalition Against Cancer Facebook Page

Global Youth Coalition Against Cancer Blog

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Episode 9: Interview with Odunayo Aliu, the Mother of 36 and the President of Love Letters Child Support Initiative

Love Letters Child Support Initiative, podcast, Charity

Love Letters Child Support Initiative, podcast, Charity Odunayo Aliu, the Mother of 36, our Guest on Charity Connect Podcast, is the president of the Love Letters Child Support Initiative and the Minister for Education and Advocacy at The Green Institute. Click on the PLAY BUTTON above to listen to the podcast straight away. 

As Minister at The Green Institute, she advocates for Environmental Education in Secondary Schools, teaching children about environmental science and help fight climate change.

On the other hand, as the president of the Love Letters Child Support Initiative (a Non-Governmental Organisation, NGO, she founded in September, 2016), Odunayo Aliu believes that every child deserves and has right to education. The NGO connects children in marginalized areas and with sponsors.

Beyond that, “We don’t only send them to school but bring out and refine their potentials” said Odunayo.

Odunayo, a Mother of thirty-six (36) children said her passion is fueled by these children.

Challenges of the Love Letters Child Support Initiative as an NGO

On the podcast, Odunayo shares the challenges face by NGOs which include integrity, trust and finance being the least or no challenge.  She added that many people thought that you already have finance since you want to help others.

How to Generate Fund as an NGO

Odunayo shares how they generate fund at the Love Letters Child Support Initiative.  They generate fund from team members, network of family and friends and from partnership with other organisations.

At Love Letters Child Support Initiative, the children stay with their parents/guidiance while the NGO takes care of their education.

How to Join Love Letters Child Support Initiative

Follow them on Facebook or call +2348036276672 for further enquiries.

Also Listen: Episode 6: “It can shatter one’s dreams” a Sickle Cell Disease Survivor says 

Advice from Odunayo Aliu to Youths

When asked for advice, Odunayo says we cannot continue to sit and fold our hands about things not working. “Stand up and do that you wished is done or should be done” she advised. Pursue purpose. Money is not the major challenge. According to her, your connections and integrity among others can help you achieve what you think is unachievable.  “Be creative and innovate” she added.

Past Projects at Love Letters Child Support Initiative and the Green Institute

Odunayo shares some of the past and on-going projects which include:

  • #WhatDoesLoveLookLike 
  • Provision of school supplies for about 30 children
  • Holiday Kid’s Time, a 3-day power packed training/workshop for their kids which majored on ART and CRAFTS
  • And lots more. 

How to Recommend a Child to Love Letters Child Support Initiative 

Send the following details to her email or phone number:

Name of the child 

Odunayo also talks about Charity Connect Podcast. 

Show Notes/Links

Odunayo’s email: [email protected]
Love Letters Child Support Initiative Facebook Page
Instagram Page: @loveletterscsi
Phone Number: 08036276672

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Episode 8: TK talks on NYSC, NCCF and Takum Rural Rugged


EP8 charity connect podcast This is episode 8 of the Charity Connect Podcast. Tochucku Agbugba aka TK, the Evangelism Secretary of Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF), Takum Taraba State talks on National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), NCCF and Rural Rugged.

NYSC is a compulsory one year service by graduates of Nigeria Universities and Polytechnics.


NCCF on the other hand is an organisation to of Christian Corpers. One of the chore things NCCF is involved in is Rural Rugged — visiting rural environments with the Gospel of Christ and reaching them with gift items and charitable services. 

In this episode, TK shares the following:

  • About NYSC
  • What NCCF is about
  • Rural Rugged
  • How people can participate in the Rural Rugged

Click the download file button to download or just listen to the episode live by clicking the play button or play in another window below the form below. 


Episode 7: Interview with Sefunmi, the Team Leader of Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Campaign (Part 2)

Interview sickle cell disease awareness campaign

Interview sickle cell disease awareness campaign

On the last episode, we had the first part of the interview with Sefunmi, a sickle cell disease warrior. She explained what sickle cell disease is, what SCDAC has been doing and many more. You can listen to the Last episode here if you have not.

On this episode, Sefunmi shares the principle that keeps her happy despite the pain of sickle cell crisis.

Anybody can take yesterday but nobody can take tomorrow from me. Click To Tweet
  • What SCDAC has done Before
  • How to overcome stigmatisation
  • Food that sickle cell disease victims don’t eat
  • Everyone, regardless of who they are, have dreams
  • The importance of campaign against sickle cell
  • The need for you to know your genotype
  • What brings Sefunmi happiness
  • Why Sefunmi believes that Sickle Cell Disease would be cured
  • The upcoming program SCDAC has

Quotes from the show

“I’ve learnt to train myself to be Sefunmi, not to be a sickle cell warrior.” Ojo Sefunmi
“Anybody can take yesterday but nobody can take tomorrow from me.” Ojo Sefunmi

Phone Number Mentioned: 

Sefunmi – 07065947360 

Instagram sicklecellscdac
Facebook: Ojo Sefunmi Ann

Bank Account Number
Ojo Sefunmi
First Bank (Savings Account)

You can also donate with Bitcoin 



CCP bitcoin address
Scan this Barcode to Donate in BTC

Episode 6: “It can shatter one’s dreams” a Sickle Cell Disease Survivor Says (Part 1)

ojo sefunmi sickle cell

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ parallax=”off” parallax_method=”on”][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]

sickle cellA Sickle Cell Disease Surivor, Ojo Sefunmi, says the disease, can shatter one’s dreams. She made the statement on this episode of the charity connect podcast. Remember that on the previous episode, we solicited for donation of fund to #SaveNiyi, a Law Student of the Faculty of Law in Ekiti State University, Nigeria who was diagnosed with Lymphatic Cancer and Hepatitis B. We want to say thank you very much for your donations and sharing the episode on social media for others to listen to. Thank You, God Bless You.

Ojo Sefunmi, our Guest on today’s Episode, is a sickle cell disease survivor and Founder of the Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Campaigne (SCDAC). A group she started even as a student in a University. Her motivation for starting the campaigne is her pain.

According to her, not everybody can hold the pain of sickle cell disease that is why some tend to commit suicide… She was inspired after hearing of a girl online who committed suicide because people bullied her while in school.

Sefunmi is preaching that there is hope no matter what circumstance you find yourself especially to the sickle cell disease survivors. In her own terms, she believes she is keeping hope alive.

Sefunmi said that there are times she would feel pain of Muscle Pull, Vascular Necrosis or Sickle Cell Crisis for about 5 hours because of lack of drug as the drugs are expensive to get. In a month, she spends up to N10,000.

In this Episode therefore, you are going to learn:

  • what is sickle cell disease
  • the pain Sickle Cell Diesase Victims feel
  • what SCDAC is about and their challenge
  • Reason you should know your genotype

sickle cell


“Bringing a child with sickle cell diesease is like calling a child to come and serve purnishment on earth.” Ojo Sefunmi

“Sickle Cell Diesease is like a journey…You start it from the day you are born.” Ojo Sefunmi

Sickle Cell Disease is like a journey, you start from the day you're born. Click To Tweet This is the first series in this episode and we will continue on the next episode… In case you have question(s) for Sefunmi, kindly drop them by using our comment box below. Also, we love reading your comments and feedback. Feel free to drop a comment below. Thank You.