Episode 5: #SaveNiyi, a Lymphatic Cancer Student Cries Out For Help

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Charity connect podcast
Charity Connect Podcast
Episode 5: #SaveNiyi, a Lymphatic Cancer Student Cries Out For Help


Niyi Before and After

Since last week, a campaign has been going on on social media, particularly Facebook, about #SaveNiyi, a student of Ekiti State University (EKSU), Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria who was diagnosed with Lymphatic Cancer and Hepatitis B.
Remember that last episode, I celebrated my birthday and I asked that you help someone in need as a gift for my birthday. This is another way you can help someone in need.

In case you’ve not seen the campaign before, kindly read it below:

At a point we felt the hurdle had been scaled, the rubicon crossed and the storm be over, behold grief in a limitless fold on the surface.
You all remember a post of mine about my friend Kolawole Olaniyi Emmanuel whose health status lacerated my heart then? his health condition is not any better, I have not shed tears for any reason since 2007 but the pictures of Niyi has these tears budding because am depressed and dejected a dream as Niyi’s is on a frolic of perdition thanks to his health status but I know God won’t permit such, I have not known grief this much
He is a 400l law student of Ekiti State University, not just a barrister in equity but a bundle of talents woven in one person, humorist, intelligent, fun person but behold beyond a shadow of his own self, this lacerates the heart beyond words.
You cannot have attended UCAAD and not know Niyi. Talk less RCF EKSU. Members and Alumni of Faculty of Law EKSU, this guy play the guitar in the most unique way I’ve ever heard.
Niyi was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and Hepatitis B on August 2016(his birthday month) at the university of Lagos university teaching hospital (LUTH),and since then, he has been bed ridden, dropped out of school and looks like a shadow of himself.
Niyi needs the sum of 3 million Naira for his chemotherapy treatments and dialysis to help save his liver and stop the cancer from spreading to other organs of his body.
Please let’s not allow the dreams and aspirations of Niyi to die.
We are appealing to kind hearted Nigerians to please help #saveNiyi.
Here’s his Acct details:
name: kolawole olaniyi
acct number: 0126045388
Bank name: Guarantee Trust Bank.
#SaveNiyi #SaveNiyi #SaveNiyi

Help a Lymphatic Cancer Student.
#SaveNiyiHelp a Lymphatic Cancer Student. #SaveNiyi Share on X
Consequently, CCP was in the school to interview his close friend and some of his school mates. You can listen to it on today’s episode of the charity Connect Podcast.
It is interesting to know that Niyi is brilliant, a bundle of talents and someone that is useful to this generation and beyond.
Currently, Niyi has gotten ₦600,000 out of more than ₦3,000,000 (about $10,000) that he needs.
If more 3000 people can donate ₦1000 each, we can reach the target but that’s not even enough of what Niyi needs.
After your donation, you can come back to this page and comment “Done“.
Feel free to download this episode and share with as many people has possible.
Show Note/Links
Bank Account Details:
Name: Kolawole Olaniyi
Account Number: 0126045388
Bank name: Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)
Bitcoin Address
You can also scan this barcode to donate using Bitcoin:
CCP bitcoin address

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