Episode 6: "It can shatter one's dreams" a Sickle Cell Disease Survivor Says (Part 1)

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Charity connect podcast
Charity Connect Podcast
Episode 6: "It can shatter one's dreams" a Sickle Cell Disease Survivor Says (Part 1)

sickle cellA Sickle Cell Disease Surivor, Ojo Sefunmi, says the disease, can shatter one’s dreams. She made the statement on this episode of the charity connect podcast. Remember that on the previous episode, we solicited for donation of fund to #SaveNiyi, a Law Student of the Faculty of Law in Ekiti State University, Nigeria who was diagnosed with Lymphatic Cancer and Hepatitis B. We want to say thank you very much for your donations and sharing the episode on social media for others to listen to. Thank You, God Bless You.

Ojo Sefunmi, our Guest on today’s Episode, is a sickle cell disease survivor and Founder of the Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Campaigne (SCDAC). A group she started even as a student in a University. Her motivation for starting the campaigne is her pain.

According to her, not everybody can hold the pain of sickle cell disease that is why some tend to commit suicide… She was inspired after hearing of a girl online who committed suicide because people bullied her while in school.

Sefunmi is preaching that there is hope no matter what circumstance you find yourself especially to the sickle cell disease survivors. In her own terms, she believes she is keeping hope alive.

Sefunmi said that there are times she would feel pain of Muscle Pull, Vascular Necrosis or Sickle Cell Crisis for about 5 hours because of lack of drug as the drugs are expensive to get. In a month, she spends up to N10,000.

In this Episode therefore, you are going to learn:

  • what is sickle cell disease
  • the pain Sickle Cell Diesase Victims feel
  • what SCDAC is about and their challenge
  • Reason you should know your genotype

sickle cell


“Bringing a child with sickle cell diesease is like calling a child to come and serve purnishment on earth.” Ojo Sefunmi

“Sickle Cell Diesease is like a journey…You start it from the day you are born.” Ojo Sefunmi

Sickle Cell Disease is like a journey, you start from the day you're born. Share on X This is the first series in this episode and we will continue on the next episode… In case you have question(s) for Sefunmi, kindly drop them by using our comment box below. Also, we love reading your comments and feedback. Feel free to drop a comment below. Thank You.

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Sola Mathew is an Amazon bestselling author, International Speaker, Digital Marketing Consultant and SDGs Advocate. When Sola is not busy training or building responsive website for clients, he enjoys writing and podcasting on blogs.

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  1. Funmi

    Please can we chat on dis topic privately

    • Sola Mathew

      Yes, please.

  2. Tope Akintayo

    Nice episode. I must say my favourite episode so far. My heart goes out to Shefunmi. And kudos to her for starting the campaign. In case you’re reading this, Sefunmi, I adore you.

    • Sola Mathew

      Thanks so much, Tope.
      We so much appreciate your kind comment.
      We won’t relent in giving you the best.


    I just finished listening to the podcast…
    Firstly, I must commend the great work you’re doing. The Lord will keep being your help…
    Secondly, on this issue of sickle cell anemia.
    Hmmm… I don’t want to say I know how they feel.
    But I know they’re indeed great warriors. Each day unravels a new battle.
    The Lord is their only strength and peace.
    Every blessed day they see is another war to conquer.
    I had a friend who is now a Resting warrior, let me not say fallen.
    He fought everyday of his life till he had his last breath…
    He used to tell me how he was feeling in his body, head, and bones.
    Days of feeble bones, days of bulged tummy.
    May the Lord help us many of our brothers and sisters out there that have been lucky, just like Sefunmi said – to have inherited this Genotype from their parents.
    I would be looking forward to hearing the next episode of this podcast…
    Weldone Brother.

    • Sola Mathew

      Thanks so much, Fiarad.
      Wé say “Amen” to all your prayers.
      Thanks so much.

  4. Prince Udoh

    Warriors because they are always fighting to survive the next second due to an avoidable mistake. God bless them all worldwide. Let’s all check our genotypes today and save the future generation from going through this unbearable pain that can best be imagined. Kudos and the delivery was superb.

    • Sola Mathew

      Thanks, Prince.
      We can’t overstress the need to know our genotypes before marriage.
      Thanks so much.