7 Reasons You Should Start Accepting Bitcoin as a Means of Payment on Your Podcast

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Bitcoin podcast reasons Before I give you the 7 Reasons You Should Start Accepting Bitcoin as a Means of Payment on Your Podcast, I’ll like to tell you about Bitcoin and certain businesses or companies that have started accepting Bitcoin as a Means of Payment.
According to Wikipedia, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a digital payment system invented by an unknown programmer, or a group of programmers, under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. It was released as open-source software in 2009.
In case you don’t understand that, Bitcoin is a currency just like Dollar, Euro, Naira, etc. Just that Bitcoin is digital. It’s not printed and it’s decentralised unlike other currencies that are centralised.
Bitcoin is considered an asset by many. It works based on the principles of demand and supply. It appreciates or depreciate in value. Early this year, 1 BTC was around $700 but as at today 1 BTC is equal to $2612 and it keeps increasing.
Let me not bore you with stories about Bitcoin, you can learn more here.
7 Reasons You Should Start Accepting Bitcoin as a Means of Payment on Your Podcast
Either you are a Podcaster or a business man, this Reasons also apply to you. You can utilise them and be sure that it would really pay off at the short or long run.
Low Transaction Fees: Bitcoin has Zero transaction fee. Unlike many other channels of Payment, Bitcoin gives you opportunity to make payment with little or no transaction fee. This is very good for startups you know? Others like PayPal, Western Union charge about 2% to 3% of the money you want to transact.
Quick Payment: Have you tried to send money via bank to someone or you are expecting a payment but it took days to get to the person or you? With Bitcoin, that’s forgone. With Bitcoin underlying technology, Blockchain, you can send money instantly and it gets to the receiver within second.
Security: Other platforms of Payment often require your identity, credit cards, etc for transactions but Bitcoin doesn’t require that. The implication is that your information with might not be safe with them.
For example, on my 5th Episode of the Charity Connect Podcast, a guy donated using Bitcoin and warned me not to disclose his identity. No one would know that except me or of getting tells someone. You can easily trace such via banks or other channels. So, with Bitcoin, you have Identity Theft Protection.
Ease of Accepting International Payment: to make more sales means to go worldwide. So many of us in Nigeria, for example, want to sell Ebooks or other products to other countries but we are limited because of Payment. With Bitcoin, you cab easily accept payments from the International market.
Become and Industry Leader: Let me ask you a question. If you want to set up your Bitcoin payment or acceptance point now, who would you call? Most likely, me. That’s right! You become a Leader in your business by accepting Bitcoin as a Means of Payment.
Publicity: there are more than 80,000 businesses around the world already accepting Bitcoin according to Talk Business. That includes popular companies like WordPress, Microsoft, Dell, Wikipedia, Namecheap, etc.
I remember I bought my hosting plan on Namecheap using Bitcoin. It was just about $10 when I did.
Many sites like coinmap are listing businesses Accepting Bitcoin for free. That’s where the publicity comes in.
Customer Satisfaction: many people own Bitcoin but they don’t have channels to transact with it. If you give them the opportunity to buy your products with Bitcoin, they become satisfied. I remember how satisfied I was buying my hosting plan from Namecheap using Bitcoin.
What more?
Start Accepting Bitcoin as a Means of Payment today.
There are ways to get started but let me just give you this simple way. Go to the blockchain.info and sign up or download the mobile app on your mobile store. With that you would have your Bitcoin wallet.
I strongly recommend you using blockchain because it’s easy and the most trusted Bitcoin wallet. Download Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet from playstore (for those on Android) and other mobile store.
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