Connecting Donors and Donees, NGOs and Volunteers and Publicizing Charity Works and Events

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My Story
My name is Sola Mathew. I am the Host of Charity Connect Podcast. I started this blog to help people like me connect to those that can help them and vice versa.
Yes! People like me in the sense that, I am where I am today because of the people God connected me to.
I lost my Dad at the age of six (6) and my Mum at the age of fourteen (14).
Things were so difficult because there was nobody to help me.
My Aunt tried her best but she couldn’t really help because she has her own responsibilities.
I worked as a labourer and also cut grasses for people in order to make ends meet. Thank God I was even able to get such jobs.
At that time, I was in my junior secondary school. At the senior secondary, teachers already noticed my gifts and some of them helped me graduate from secondary school by assisting me financially.
After secondary school, I studied a diploma course in Computer Engineering which included how to repair, software and hardware installation, printer repairs and cartridge refilling.
I worked there more than the time I was supposed to learn because I couldn’t pay up in time and was awaiting admission to University.
While in the University, God called me and I founded an organization called Christian Charity Networks (CCN) through which we gather donations from students and take them to orphanages and the less privileged.
To cut the story short, through other people God connected me to, I graduated from the University with a Second Class Upper Division in Plant Science.
My Story still continues…
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Why Charity Connect?
I have come to realize that some people all over the world who are willing to contribute to charity financially and by any other means possible lack the right information on how, through whom and/or who to assist.
Also, there are so many people who need assistance but don’t know who to turn on for assistance or how to get to them even if they know them.
An example is a scenario of a lady who died in the hospital because she couldn’t pay the sum of  N150000 (approximately $472) in Nigeria while we had someone who bought a wrist watch of 1M naira ($3150) at the same time. These two people didn’t know themselves. Perhaps, if the latter could have helped if informed about the former.
Moreover, there are certain orphanages around the world that have excess supplies while, at the same time, there are some whose supplies are very limited.
Some of these orphanages are in remote areas particularly, of Africa.
Charity Connect Podcast is here to connect this set of people together—donors and donees. This would help so many people who want to help or who want help.
How Does Charity Connect Podcast Achieve This?
Podcast: Of course, this is the sole reason for this blog.
Through different episodes of my podcast, I hope to connect donors and donees, NGOs and Volunteers.
This would be through Interviews of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Philanthropists and individuals who can help and who need help.
Blog Post: I will also be posting articles on how to connect with funding bodies who are willing to help the less privileged financially or by any means.
Also, I will be showcasing those that are in need, especially in rural areas.
Let us change our world together.
Do you know any NGO, Philanthropist or an Individual who can be a Guest on my Podcast?
Or who is willing to help the less privileged?
Do you know any orphan, orphanage or anyone who is desperately in need of help?
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