Episode 7: Interview with Sefunmi, the Team Leader of Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Campaign (Part 2)

Interview sickle cell disease awareness campaign

Interview sickle cell disease awareness campaign

On the last episode, we had the first part of the interview with Sefunmi, a sickle cell disease warrior. She explained what sickle cell disease is, what SCDAC has been doing and many more. You can listen to the Last episode here if you have not.

On this episode, Sefunmi shares the principle that keeps her happy despite the pain of sickle cell crisis.

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  • What SCDAC has done Before
  • How to overcome stigmatisation
  • Food that sickle cell disease victims don’t eat
  • Everyone, regardless of who they are, have dreams
  • The importance of campaign against sickle cell
  • The need for you to know your genotype
  • What brings Sefunmi happiness
  • Why Sefunmi believes that Sickle Cell Disease would be cured
  • The upcoming program SCDAC has

Quotes from the show

“I’ve learnt to train myself to be Sefunmi, not to be a sickle cell warrior.” Ojo Sefunmi
“Anybody can take yesterday but nobody can take tomorrow from me.” Ojo Sefunmi

Phone Number Mentioned: 

Sefunmi – 07065947360 

Instagram sicklecellscdac
Facebook: Ojo Sefunmi Ann

Bank Account Number
Ojo Sefunmi
First Bank (Savings Account)

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7 Reasons You Should Start Accepting Bitcoin as a Means of Payment on Your Podcast

Bitcoin podcast reasons Before I give you the 7 Reasons You Should Start Accepting Bitcoin as a Means of Payment on Your Podcast, I’ll like to tell you about Bitcoin and certain businesses or companies that have started accepting Bitcoin as a Means of Payment.

According to Wikipedia, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a digital payment system invented by an unknown programmer, or a group of programmers, under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. It was released as open-source software in 2009.

In case you don’t understand that, Bitcoin is a currency just like Dollar, Euro, Naira, etc. Just that Bitcoin is digital. It’s not printed and it’s decentralised unlike other currencies that are centralised.

Bitcoin is considered an asset by many. It works based on the principles of demand and supply. It appreciates or depreciate in value. Early this year, 1 BTC was around $700 but as at today 1 BTC is equal to $2612 and it keeps increasing.

Let me not bore you with stories about Bitcoin, you can learn more here.

7 Reasons You Should Start Accepting Bitcoin as a Means of Payment on Your Podcast

Either you are a Podcaster or a business man, this Reasons also apply to you. You can utilise them and be sure that it would really pay off at the short or long run.

Low Transaction Fees: Bitcoin has Zero transaction fee. Unlike many other channels of Payment, Bitcoin gives you opportunity to make payment with little or no transaction fee. This is very good for startups you know? Others like PayPal, Western Union charge about 2% to 3% of the money you want to transact.

Quick Payment: Have you tried to send money via bank to someone or you are expecting a payment but it took days to get to the person or you? With Bitcoin, that’s forgone. With Bitcoin underlying technology, Blockchain, you can send money instantly and it gets to the receiver within second.

Security: Other platforms of Payment often require your identity, credit cards, etc for transactions but Bitcoin doesn’t require that. The implication is that your information with might not be safe with them.

For example, on my 5th Episode of the Charity Connect Podcast, a guy donated using Bitcoin and warned me not to disclose his identity. No one would know that except me or of getting tells someone. You can easily trace such via banks or other channels. So, with Bitcoin, you have Identity Theft Protection.

Ease of Accepting International Payment: to make more sales means to go worldwide. So many of us in Nigeria, for example, want to sell Ebooks or other products to other countries but we are limited because of Payment. With Bitcoin, you cab easily accept payments from the International market.

Become and Industry Leader: Let me ask you a question. If you want to set up your Bitcoin payment or acceptance point now, who would you call? Most likely, me. That’s right! You become a Leader in your business by accepting Bitcoin as a Means of Payment.

Publicity: there are more than 80,000 businesses around the world already accepting Bitcoin according to Talk Business. That includes popular companies like WordPress, Microsoft, Dell, Wikipedia, Namecheap, etc.

I remember I bought my hosting plan on Namecheap using Bitcoin. It was just about $10 when I did.

Many sites like coinmap are listing businesses Accepting Bitcoin for free. That’s where the publicity comes in.

Customer Satisfaction: many people own Bitcoin but they don’t have channels to transact with it. If you give them the opportunity to buy your products with Bitcoin, they become satisfied. I remember how satisfied I was buying my hosting plan from Namecheap using Bitcoin.

What more?

Start Accepting Bitcoin as a Means of Payment today.

There are ways to get started but let me just give you this simple way. Go to the blockchain.info and sign up or download the mobile app on your mobile store. With that you would have your Bitcoin wallet.

I strongly recommend you using blockchain because it’s easy and the most trusted Bitcoin wallet. Download Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet from playstore (for those on Android) and other mobile store.

Mind you, you can donate to support our Podcast by clicking here. No amount is to small. We would love to touch more lives.

IF you have any questions or contributions, kindly use the comment box below. We love your comments. Thanks.

Episode 6: “It can shatter one’s dreams” a Sickle Cell Disease Survivor Says (Part 1)

ojo sefunmi sickle cell

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sickle cellA Sickle Cell Disease Surivor, Ojo Sefunmi, says the disease, can shatter one’s dreams. She made the statement on this episode of the charity connect podcast. Remember that on the previous episode, we solicited for donation of fund to #SaveNiyi, a Law Student of the Faculty of Law in Ekiti State University, Nigeria who was diagnosed with Lymphatic Cancer and Hepatitis B. We want to say thank you very much for your donations and sharing the episode on social media for others to listen to. Thank You, God Bless You.

Ojo Sefunmi, our Guest on today’s Episode, is a sickle cell disease survivor and Founder of the Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Campaigne (SCDAC). A group she started even as a student in a University. Her motivation for starting the campaigne is her pain.

According to her, not everybody can hold the pain of sickle cell disease that is why some tend to commit suicide… She was inspired after hearing of a girl online who committed suicide because people bullied her while in school.

Sefunmi is preaching that there is hope no matter what circumstance you find yourself especially to the sickle cell disease survivors. In her own terms, she believes she is keeping hope alive.

Sefunmi said that there are times she would feel pain of Muscle Pull, Vascular Necrosis or Sickle Cell Crisis for about 5 hours because of lack of drug as the drugs are expensive to get. In a month, she spends up to N10,000.

In this Episode therefore, you are going to learn:

  • what is sickle cell disease
  • the pain Sickle Cell Diesase Victims feel
  • what SCDAC is about and their challenge
  • Reason you should know your genotype

sickle cell


“Bringing a child with sickle cell diesease is like calling a child to come and serve purnishment on earth.” Ojo Sefunmi

“Sickle Cell Diesease is like a journey…You start it from the day you are born.” Ojo Sefunmi

Sickle Cell Disease is like a journey, you start from the day you're born. Click To Tweet This is the first series in this episode and we will continue on the next episode… In case you have question(s) for Sefunmi, kindly drop them by using our comment box below. Also, we love reading your comments and feedback. Feel free to drop a comment below. Thank You.


Episode 5: #SaveNiyi, a Lymphatic Cancer Student Cries Out For Help

Niyi Before and After

Since last week, a campaign has been going on on social media, particularly Facebook, about #SaveNiyi, a student of Ekiti State University (EKSU), Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria who was diagnosed with Lymphatic Cancer and Hepatitis B.

Remember that last episode, I celebrated my birthday and I asked that you help someone in need as a gift for my birthday. This is another way you can help someone in need.

In case you’ve not seen the campaign before, kindly read it below:

At a point we felt the hurdle had been scaled, the rubicon crossed and the storm be over, behold grief in a limitless fold on the surface.

You all remember a post of mine about my friend Kolawole Olaniyi Emmanuel whose health status lacerated my heart then? his health condition is not any better, I have not shed tears for any reason since 2007 but the pictures of Niyi has these tears budding because am depressed and dejected a dream as Niyi’s is on a frolic of perdition thanks to his health status but I know God won’t permit such, I have not known grief this much

He is a 400l law student of Ekiti State University, not just a barrister in equity but a bundle of talents woven in one person, humorist, intelligent, fun person but behold beyond a shadow of his own self, this lacerates the heart beyond words.

You cannot have attended UCAAD and not know Niyi. Talk less RCF EKSU. Members and Alumni of Faculty of Law EKSU, this guy play the guitar in the most unique way I’ve ever heard.

Niyi was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and Hepatitis B on August 2016(his birthday month) at the university of Lagos university teaching hospital (LUTH),and since then, he has been bed ridden, dropped out of school and looks like a shadow of himself.

Niyi needs the sum of 3 million Naira for his chemotherapy treatments and dialysis to help save his liver and stop the cancer from spreading to other organs of his body.

Please let’s not allow the dreams and aspirations of Niyi to die.
We are appealing to kind hearted Nigerians to please help #saveNiyi.

Here’s his Acct details:
name: kolawole olaniyi
acct number: 0126045388
Bank name: Guarantee Trust Bank.
#SaveNiyi #SaveNiyi #SaveNiyi

Help a Lymphatic Cancer Student.

#SaveNiyiHelp a Lymphatic Cancer Student. #SaveNiyi Click To Tweet

Consequently, CCP was in the school to interview his close friend and some of his school mates. You can listen to it on today’s episode of the charity Connect Podcast.

It is interesting to know that Niyi is brilliant, a bundle of talents and someone that is useful to this generation and beyond.

Currently, Niyi has gotten ₦600,000 out of more than ₦3,000,000 (about $10,000) that he needs.

If more 3000 people can donate ₦1000 each, we can reach the target but that’s not even enough of what Niyi needs.

After your donation, you can come back to this page and comment “Done“.

Feel free to download this episode and share with as many people has possible.

Show Note/Links

Bank Account Details:
Name: Kolawole Olaniyi
Account Number: 0126045388
Bank name: Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)

Bitcoin Address


You can also scan this barcode to donate using Bitcoin:

CCP bitcoin address

Episode 4: Where and How Would You Like To Celebrate Your Birthday?


birthdayBirthday is popularly known to be a day you celebrate when you were born. Someone once defined it as the only day you cried while your mother smiled. A lot of people celebrate their birthdays in different ways. While most people party during their birthdays, some would prefer being alone in a place of prayer and so on and so forth.

People do have different feelings at different stages in their lives when celebrating their birthdays. For example, kids feel merry or happy and full of dreams and aspirations. They eat cakes and are flabbergasted by the gifts their parents and/or friends would give them.

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Young people most often, busy people, forget their birthdays. If they come to know it, it would be just another day for them. Some of them would think that instead of spending for birthday, they had rather saved their money for future.

At old age, most people feel sad as they are getting older and older. They would be full of thoughts of their past birthdays. For some, it is a time to reflect on what has been achieved and what has not been achieved.

So, the fact is that people celebrate their birthdays in different ways special to them.

This week, Wednesday, 24th of May is my birthday and I have been thinking of where and how to celebrate my birthday. On this episode of the Charity Connect Podcast, I have two Guests who shared where they would love to celebrate their birthdays and why they chose such a location. Remember, Maureen shared her sex abuse story in the last episode. 

Apart from them, I requested that people send their opinions on where they would love to celebrate their birthdays and why they chose such place. It is amazing to know that many people are so willing to celebrate their birthdays by visiting the less privileged.

Therefore, in this episode, you are going to learn listen to my Guests and different people sharing their views on where they feel is best to celebrate their birthdays.

Where would you love to celebrate your own birthday and why? Kindly drop your comments in the comment box below this post and let’s hear from you too.

Show Notes/Links

Femi Onipede

Shalom Dan

Michael Nike


Alake Femi

Oluwafunbi Purpose

Tope Akintayo

Once again, drop your comments on where you would love to celebrate your birthday and why.


Episode 3: Maureen Shares Her Sex Abuse Story

Maureen Alikor shares sex abuse story

On the last episode of the charity Connect Podcast, we looked at Charity and Nation Development. This week, we feature a young lady who says there is life after rape, Sex Abuse and incest.

Our Guest (first Guest actually) on this Episode of the Charity Connect Podcast is a Writer and the Convener at Demystify Abuse Campaign, an NGO she founded after she was sexually abused by her own uncle and later raped by ‘the unknown’.

She shared, in the interview with her in this episode, so many insights on sexual abuse and its healing.

The interview is divided into three (3) Sections which includes Your Section (ie the Guest’s Section), Listeners’ Section and My Section.

In the Guest’s Section, I asked a couple of questions which our Guest did Justice to.

In the Listeners’ Section, two of our listeners asked questions which I asked the Guest. She answered accordingly.

Also, in My Section, the Guest had a right to ask me ONE question which I answered honestly. I’m sure you will love to know what question she asked me and the answer I gave 😀.

During her section, Maureen said once you make up your mind that a thing won’t affect you, it won’t affect you.

What surprised me is that Maureen launched her Campaign a day after she was raped. Only a strong person could do that.

Maureen said that everybody is strong, we just need to build our strength.

Everybody is strong, we just need to build our strength. Click To Tweet

She also shared what you need do to prevent rape and what you need do to overcome the stigmatization of rape or any sexual abuse if you were a victim.

Some of the basic things she shared is MINDSET SHIFT, Understanding CONSENT and EARLY SEX EDUCATION.

These are some of the questions she answered during her section:

  • You were a victim of sexual abuse, incest and rape, can you share the experience with us?
  • What is Demystify Abuse Campaign?
  • I read your blog where you said you share a gospel of Forgiveness but not without making a distinction between it and Justice. What is the difference between the two?
  • What has been your challenges since you started Demystify Abuse Campaign and how do you overcome?
  • Do you welcome new members on board?
  • Where and how can people contact you?

Listeners Section:

  • Iwalewa asked “How did you feel loosing your virginity (if you were one) to a “Commoner”?”
  • Ola asked “How did you overcome the stigmatization?”

Quotes from the Show:

“See Human beings more than just sex objects.”

“There is nothing as beautiful in life as working in line with your purpose.”

Show Notes/Links:

Demystify Abuse Campaign Details:

Website: DemystifyAbuse.com

Blog: https://demystifyabuse.wordpress.com/

Facebook: Demystify Abuse Campaign

Twitter: @abusedemystyfiy

Instagram: @DemystifyAbuse

Phone number: 0815 661 4213

Mention from Me:

Christian Charity Networks (CCN)

You want to donate or support this program?

Account Details:

Akinluyi Sola Mathew


First Bank

Bitcoin Address:



We love your comments and contributions. Use the comment box below to share your view about this episode.

Episode 2: Charity and Nation Development

Welcome to Charity Connect Podcast Episode Two (2).

In our last episode, I introduced you to Charity Connect Podcast.

In this episode of the Charity Connect Podcast, we looked into Charity and Nation Development.

I realized that many people have different perspective to what charity is and its roles in the development of any nation particularly, Nigeria.

Many developed nations today get to where they are because they have been actively involved in Charity. Even though, many people today, have taken charity political, I believe charity contributes to Nation Development.

There are many children who couldn’t afford to go to school because of school fees and/or  materials. Like Mrs Lola Aluko opined in this interview, there are families that you just need to educate one child in the family and the family is liberated.

There are families that you just need to educate one child in the family and the family is liberated. Click To Tweet

What about people in the hospital who can’t afford their hospital bills or Entrepreneurs who want to set up their businesses but have no fund or capital? Thank God for the likes of Tony Elumelo who are giving grants to thousands of Entrepreneurs.

How about a smile or show of love to someone who needs it? That’s charity!

In today’s episode therefore, I interviewed five people, two women and three men, who shared their knowledge on Charity and its contributions to Nation Development.

You would be amazed to listen to this wonderful great people as they shed light to the following questions:

  • What is Charity?
  • Does Charity has a role in developing our Nation?
  • Have you been involved in charity?
  • What way(s) have you been involved in charity?

Show Notes/Links


  • Mr Aduragbemi Fasakin
  • Mr Williams Ayodele
  • Mrs Lola Aluko
  • Mr Olusegun Oyebanjo
  • Miss Abe Ituni Laughter


Question: Where is Christore (Books) located in Nigeria?

Kindly drop your comments, questions, contributions using the comment box below. I will love to hear from you.


Click the play button to play or download the mp3 version to your PC or Mobile Phone.

Episode 1: Introduction to Charity Connect Podcast

Hi Friends,

You’re welcome to Charity Connect Podcast.

I’m so excited to write this 😄. You really need to open my heart to know how happy I am to take a bold step further in achieving my dreams doing what I really love 😍.

In this episode of the charity Connect Podcast, I will be introducing you to what charity Connect podcast is about.

Charity Connect Podcast episode 1

After completing my studies at Continue reading “Episode 1: Introduction to Charity Connect Podcast”